Social Bee Web Marketing and Design

Yasmin Fues - Ottawa Realtor

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I really should keep it my secret but something this good is worth sharing...So to any of my Realtor friends, or friends with their own businesses looking to stand out in the crowd I HIGHLY recommend Social Bee Web Marketing and Design from website design to Social Media tutoring. 

Social Bee is TOTALLY awesome. Thank you for your patience, direction and awesome abilities....but mostly your patience. You rock!

Yasmin was kind enough to add the following to her testimonial:

I was introduced to Kesti through a former classmate. As a new entrepreneur in real estate; I had no idea where to start in building an online presence.  I knew that I did not want to use the standard “templated” websites that were available to me.  However I struggled with the how, where, what & who for a long time and did not know where to begin. 

That is where Kesti came in….I will be honest, I was reluctant to use someone that I had not met with, How could they understand me, know me, my message and what I wanted to convey without ever meeting face to face?  Over several phone calls & email exchanges, Kesti put those concerns to rest.  He was able to blend everything I wanted to portray in an unbelievable web header for my site.  He also built my Facebook & Twitter pages.  But he did not stop there; he also guided and coached me on social media use and interaction.

Kesti's ability to take words and create a vision is superb.  He is almost always available and responds in a most timely fashion.  Kesti demonstrates true customer service and goes the extra mile to make the client happy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, from website design, to logo creation and social media mentoring.  I look forward to a continued business relationship with him.