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Hi Everyone - I wanted to give a special shout out to the graphic artist genius that helped me with my cover photo and who has designed the logo for my up and coming Wellness Coaching business. (That has yet to be revealed, and when the time is right I will). Kesti was able to take the ideas that I had in my head, a couple of graphics that I had struck a chord with me, and produce an amazing result that was exactly what I wanted even though I couldn't vocalize it.

Here is the best part - we have never even met in person, we did it all by email. Now THAT is service. Quick, amazing, and incredibly artistic. If you have some time - go and check him out.

Highly recommend!

From LinkedIn

“I was introduced to Kesti through Facebook, by a mutual acquaintance. As a start up entrepreneur I had struggled for a long time with logos, imaging and what I wanted to convey. I had several images - all different - that captured different things that I loved, but had no idea how to blend them into what I felt and wanted to portray. In one email correspondence with Kesti, without ever having met, he was able to take all that I provided and find a way to bring what was in my head out, so that when I saw it, I was absolutely stunned! He knew exactly what I wanted even though I didn't know how to express it. He did this overnight! Kesti's talent is superb, his service quick and reliable, and he really goes the extra mile to make the client happy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, and look forward to a continued business relationship with him.”¬†February 12, 2013